Teaser trailer style promotional videos are short videos designed to get the viewer excited about an upcoming product or event.

They usually only give the viewer small pieces of information just enough to stir the imagination and to touch on the key value of the product or event.

One great example of the teaser trailer promo video in action was the short teaser videos release by gopro leading up to the reveal of their new drone.

They gave just enough info to get their fan base crazy hyped.

In the future I would like to talk in more detail about the art of creating powerful teaser promotional videos.

However in the meantime I do have some training on how I quickly create motion graphics promo videos like the one in this video:

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The story style promotional video is where you share your journey.

Stories resonate profoundly with viewers and they build what advertisers call “know, like and trust” with audiences.

This is valuable because people buy from people that they know like and trust.

Below is a breakdown of a story style promotional video that scored over 100million veiws on youtube:

Using a foundational story structure you can promote you product whilst also building know like and trust with your audience.

Story formula breakdown:

  1. Character (Someone your target audience can relate to)
  2.  Tension (the burning problem or struggle that your target market has)
  3. Hero Moment/Discovery (This is the part where your product solves the burning pain or problem)
  4. Happily Ever After (this is the part where you show your audience how happy life is now that the problem is solved)

This simple story structure is the backbone of most of our favourite films and it resonates deeply with viewers.

Here is a great example of this story formula in action from Entrepreneur on Fire: 

As you can see he follow this structure to a “T”.

This video is great. It resonated profoundly with his audience.

In fact in the comments section on his website I noticed one of his viewers said that they cried whilst watching.

Others said they repeatedly watch the video just for inspiration.

Never underestimate the power of a story to promote your product!

I noticed recently coca cola was using a story formula similar to this one. Just a bit more subtly.

Coca colas type of production is perhaps beyond the capabilities of small video producers and small businesses.

However, there is much that we can learn from this commercial.

Lets check out the story structure:

  1. Characters (Boy and girl that the target audience can relate to)
  2.  Tension (They full in love but something causes a separation between them)
  3. Hero Moment/Discovery (All they need is a refreshing coke to bring them back together)
  4. Happily Ever After (They drink coke into the sunset…)

I have a one page work sheet to help identify and tell your own story style promotional video.




Some of you are probably thinking Testimonial Videos are slightly less exciting than young love and teeth decaying syrup.

However, that kind of thinking is exactly why so many businesses are missing out on one the most powerful promotional tools available.

Research by viddy yard found that most video marketers believed that testimonial videos gave them the best return on investment.

They are usually cheap to make yet they can have a huge affect on your sales.

However, just having someone on screen saying they like you won’t inspire anyone to make a purchase.

You need to show that your product helped your customer overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. You need to tell your customers story.

You can do this using similar story structure to what I mentioned in the previous section.

I have created a testimonial questions template for getting great testimonial stories.

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You see this often in infomercials… Because it works!

Using a story type structure in your testimonials lets you be specific in how your product can help your customers.

It also encourages viewers to identify and empathise with the person on screen.

Using a story framework also makes your testimonials videos seem less salesy and awkward.

Because the video is not about promoting you, it’s about showing how your customer overcame their obstacles using your product.

Here is a great example of an effective testimonial video.



Research has shown that customers are 73% more likely to make a purchase AFTER watching a video about your product.

What better way to show someone that your product than to show it in action solving your customer’s burning pain or problem.

Here are two video I have created to help you make your own product videos:

Recently I was with a friend who had identified a problem.

They wanted to rake a big backyard full of leaves and sticks.

They typed their problem into google and up came this video:

This video was probably shot handheld on a iPhone.

However, it was the exact thing my friend needed to see t make up their mind that this lawn mower attachment was exactly what they needed.

They clicked on the annotation in the video and went straight to the purchase page.

The video wasn’t fancy, but it did show my friend that this product could solve his problem. She was sold in 30 seconds.



The sales video is a video that does the selling for you.

It is used to move your prospective customer into a paying customer.

They video can be as long or short as you need.

However it will often have similar components that are designed to move customers to take action.

Here is a breakdown of the structure I used to create a video for a client that increased sales by over 200% in the first week it was published.

The best part is it is very easy for anyone to copy the formula I used.

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Below is the video that I created using a rough version of the formula above:

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